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Prompt Response Service

Among the tasks of our special teams of prompt response are to provide immediate response to any security problem of the client, render any assistance required and ensure liaison with law enforcement, if necessary.

Each client of our Prompt Response Teams is provided with a personal card and contact information to use in emergency situations. The Teams act under the constant guidance and support of the 24-hour Global Security Control Center.

Each of the Teams is staffed by two armed and fully trained security officers, one of whom is English-speaking, and equipped with vehicles, mobile phones, portable radios, special safety equipment and first aid kits.

The Prompt Response Teams are on call 24 hours to provide emergency services to our clients anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow Region. 

Address: 2nd Roshchinskiy passage, 8, Moscow 115054 Russia
Tel.: (+7 495) 232 0836, 232 0837